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Sports scholarship in Germany

Football is the most popular sport in all of Germany. Women’s football too is rising in popularity. As one of the first German clubs we award football-scholarships to great players for them to participate in our school system and football matches of the U17-Bundesliga.


What season are we talking about?

The football season begins late august, though preparations already start four to six weeks prior to that. Half a year after season opening – in winter – it is possible to obtain a scholarship as well.


Who can apply for the program?

You should be born sometime during 2006, 2005 or 2004. Your league affiliation is not of any concern, only your potential as a player is. It would be great if you already have had some German in school.


How much training is to be expected?

We train four to five times for two hours each week. That includes athletic events as well as position-specific training.


Where am I going to live?

You will live together with your Teammates in a shared flat. In certain cases, it is also possible to stay with a host family.


How am I going to eat?

You can have breakfast together with your roommates. Dinner is conveniently served at your school cantina and supper is shared with your roommates at home again.


What will it cost?

We offer full scholarships. That means that we are going to pay 100% of all costs for your accommodation and diet. In general, we pay at least 50% to 100% of all costs including travelling expenses, accommodation, and diet.


Are there additional costs?

Yes. Unfortunately, you will have to organize and pay for the flight, the international insurance, and all personal expenses yourself, though, in certain cases, our sponsor can help you out with that too.



For how long will the scholarship be valid?

Initially your scholarship will last for one year, but it is possible to extend it, given your proficiency and your ability to play in the division have not changed in the meantime.   


Can the scholarship be forfeited?

In no case will you lose your scholarship due to bad athletic performance or accidents rendering you unable to play. However, it is possible for the scholarship to be forfeited should there be cases of drug abuse or similar non-compliance with given rules or cases of severe lack of sportsmanship.


How do I apply?

Send us an e-mail containing the most important data, including your name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, nationality, current school, current club, current football-division, a summary of your sportive career, possible selection measures, means of contact (e-mail,  address, telephone number) and a short answer to the following questions: Why do you want to participate? What are your objectives? Are there any open questions left?